Facebook Confessions™ and DilfTracker2009™

He's not driving down Highway 40, nor is he in a big ol' pickup truck, but Dilf IS on his way to Austin. He will be there, sans us, from now until June when school ends and we join him. He'll be flying up on weekends.

In other news, I am cranky when people post Facebook statuses (stati?) that say something like, "Being extra healthy and perfect today! Isn't life just the BEST??!!"

It's not the happiness I am opposed to, it is the bland sentiment, boring delivery, and uselessness. Okay, complaining about uselessness when discussing Facebook is a bit redundant, but... your sense of self-satisfaction is not news.

Also, the people who post these things tend to be people who never visit/comment upon other people's postings. They have nothing clever to say, nothing important to do and no interest in anyone but themselves.

If you're going to be a narcissist, you should at least be an intriguing narcissist.

That is all for now.
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