I've Had a Therapeutic Breakthrough Without Going to Therapy
I have another reason to hate the Baby Boomers.

See, they thought ahead. They realized my generation would one day close in on their flanks, competing for jobs and housing and for seats on the rescue spaceship that is coming for us as soon as we destroy what's left of this planet and such, so they decided to ruin us before we had a chance to reach adulthood.

That's why, when booking talent for children's programming in the 1970's and 80's, they saw the words "experimental Swiss mime troupe" and said "Sign them up for "The Muppet Show! Let's see those upstart rugrats recover from THAT and have a normal adulthood!"

This also explains the ubiquitousness of Shields and Yarnell during the same time period:

Well played, Baby Boomers, well played. We're all largely mentally impaired in one way or another thanks to the neurological time bomb you set in our childhoods. And you continue to assault our delicate sensibilities with your ceaseless advertising for erectile disfunction medication. No one wants to see you in a bathtub and mentally picture your flaccid penis and saggy, baggy scrotum, old man! Let alone what you plan on doing with it once the drugs kick in!

Where was I? Oh, yes.

I have been driven insane by Baby Boomers. Please send help.
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