Is That All It Is? Well, This Is Going to Be a Long Month.

After all my deep thoughts on the subject, it appears that a hero ain't nothing but a sandwich.

It's true; would a coffee achiever lie? (I wish I was a coffee achiever. In fact, I wish I was ANY sort of achiever. But I digress...)

Yes, after all my three days of hard(ly) work(ing) on the topic of heroes, I am already disappointed in the results. I was hoping for something a little more meaningful than a sandwich. Although it is a pretty impressive sandwich.

My discouragement at finding a hero being nothing but a sandwich is understandable, but I can't fathom how anyone could be stunned, shocked or even faintly surprised by the Roland Burris tapes. "Stokes skepticism," you say? More like makes me stifle a yawn.

But what does surprise me is how a people, a nation of people in charge of electing representatives, can worship money and then be surprised when their elected officials do the same?

I am going to go on and on about this later. But I've already written more than the average blog reader likes to see in one post anyways.
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