I Will, I Will Blog You! (bum bum CRASH! bum bum CRASH!)
Let me take a moment for a slight musical interlude, where I change the words to popular songs, past and present, to match whatever happens to be going on in my pitiful little life currently.

For instance, take my dear Dilf's present difficulties, with an eye infection described by the opthamologist as a virus related to, but not, conjunctavitis. I enjoy singing "You Can't Hide Your Viral Eyes" and "Viral Eyes! They're Watching You!" to his delight.

Actually, he's not delighted at all. But I pretend he is. While I avoid touching his towel, pillowcase or anything else he might have contaminated.

Also, while making pancakes this morning, Dilf commented that the new brand of mix made the perfect amount of pancakes for us, unlike the kind we usually use which either makes too much or too little. I then began singing "Too Much Too Little Too Late" but Dilf had no idea what song I was singing.

But he didn't say anything. Which leads me to believe he often sits there, silently, thinking I am insane on a fairly regular basis. But it was, too a real song:

See? I am NOT crazy. So there.
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