Two Things From Twitter and the Thing I Deleted
Two things from Twitter made me laugh this morning. This picture, from B.A.:

You have to look at his feet to see why I laughed. Not only is he wearing Crocs, he's wearing them with socks bearing the presidential seal! I wonder what's on his underwear. (No, I don't. Gross.)

Also, this from Stephen Colbert:

StephenAtHometime: to step it up, north carolina governor. might i suggest an affair with a tranny in nicaragua

Also, I deleted a post I wrote last night, because I didn't feel I had written it particularly well.

It's just that as I was driving the girls home from one of the pools here last night, I saw a truck full of construction workers driving home from a new construction site as we were leaving.

They were all much browner than anyone I see living in my neighborhood, and it occurred to me that Dilf and I are now living the lifestyle my mom's mom hoped we would while she was cleaning motel rooms for a living, and my dad's dad hoped we would while he was driving a bus for a living.

They were the children of immigrants, and they worked their asses off so their children and their children's children could live like the "white" (yeah, they were white; they weren't white enough at the time, though) people did whose fancy homes they could see through the bus window.

But the thing is, emotionally I still identify with the guys in the truck. I don't feel like I should be living in the big fancy house; it feels weird to me. Don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining; it's just that I was happy before, and I'm just as happy now, only the neighborhood has nothing to do with it. In fact, it feels a little foreign.

Living in Downers Grove, we can afford an older raised ranch in a middle-class, not upper-middle-class neighborhood, and it feel normal to me. Here, we are living in an UPPER middle class neighborhood, with lawn services and big houses and everything reading "upscale," and I'm feeling like I'm borrowing someone else's life.

Once again, the Talking Heads know what I'm talkin' about. Or, I know what they're talking about, since they said it first.

I still don't think I wrote that particularly well.
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