And I Don't Even Like The Concept of Stripping

Another thing I don't like about that story from yesterday is the fact that stripping is likely the most lucrative job available to her. What that says to me is, women are only good for one thing. And they're only good for THAT for a limited number of years.

It's not just a women's issue. It's a humankind issue. I actually like a number of erotic dance types, like belly dancing and burlesque and such. But it seems like women can incorporate more of their personality, their personal essence into those dances or routines. It's more like art.

Stripping seems to me like naked gymnastics followed by rubbing yourself like a rabid cat all over some guy's jeans. Is that what we've been reduced to as a species? "Lookee what she can do! Now come simulate sex for some cash. Now go away."

It's just gross and dehumanizing for everyone involved. And I sense joylessness and desperation from both performer and audience. It's like people going through a drive-through and scarfing down fast food all by themselves in their cars, only with sex instead of food as the commodity being consumed. Is that really the best we can do?

I don't know that woman personally, but I'm betting she grits her teeth and goes to work each night, hoping for a better life for her kids. I'm betting she doesn't buy her daughter Jr. Stripper clothes so she can follow in her footsteps.

That's another thing that sucks about that story.
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