What WOULD Thurston Howell III Pay for a Hooker?
I was checking the "referrals" on my Sitemeter to see if I attracted any wingnuts with my Sarah Palin ode, but I did not. Perhaps they are on overload trying to find detractors of their precious spokeswoman, or perhaps they are too busy trying to find a Kenyan birth certificate for Barack Obama somewhere.

However, someone did find my blog while looking for information on some sort of sports scandal involving a man named Thurston, but the second listing was for one of my posts.

With a headline like that, even I had to read it. Or re-read it. I don't remember if I read what I wrote. And I got mad all over again.

$4500 for an orgasm. Now, the middle class has $10 or so to throw away on rental porn for the same purpose. Poor people don't even have that. This asshole (these assholes) have $4500 of discretionary money that no one will even notice is missing.

How can they be expected to have any sort of empathy or understanding for normal people with a life like that? The only thing they're thinking is, "More orgasms, please. I guess this means I'll have to take the gazillion gobs of drug/insurance company lobby money. No health care for you, Everyone Else!"

Of course, if he gets a little social disease from his social encounter, he doesn't mind accepting the "socialized" medicine he receives courtesy of us, the taxpayer.

Also, happy birthday, Nick. You big dumb slug. I thought it appropriate to include your birthday message in a post containing the word "hooker."
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