In The Course of Thinking About All This Stripper Stuff

I've come to the conclusion that my unease about stripping has nothing to do with the act of stripping itself, or erotic dance (certainly), or the enjoyment people get out of it. While I'm not a thrill-seeker myself, I don't begrudge anyone their fun and excitement. For example, I'm not any more against stripping (or watching it) than I am against sky-diving -- although I'll never do any of those things.

Although I earlier mentioned the sad aspect of the "pathetic" strip club-goer (I am thinking specifically of someone's brother I knew once upon a time, who really believed the strippers liked him and earnestly bought one of them a Christmas present, thinking they had a "relationship"), even that doesn't really BOTHER me, bother me. (I'm still a little sad for the guy.)

What BOTHERS me is certain audience members that go to strip clubs with sinister feelings in their hearts. Those sinister feelings are not the "ooh la la" feelings, but the "that's all you're good for, bitch" feelings. The men who hate women, but who are heterosexual and therefore "need" them for something.

I know those feelings exist outside of the strip club. I know strip clubs are just one in a series of outlets for guys like that. I know that rooting out those feelings and attitudes is a complicated proposition.

I just don't like that some people serve as human lightening rods for hate and animosity, and unfortunately, strippers can be that sometimes.
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