Is It Getting Hot in Here?

Hello, fellow travelers in the handbasket on the way to hell. How do I know we're going to hell? Well, not only is our current president the antichrist, but our last one was, as well. Americans are so greedy, we hog up all the antichrists! There will be no antichrists left for South America, Africa or Southeast Asia!

Another way I know we're all going to hell is things like this keep happening. It's not the worst thing I've ever read. It's not even the worst thing I've ever read on B.A.'s blog. But it's symptomatic of a lot of societal ills. Lots.

It may appear to be a straightforward story about a desperate and negligent mother who leaves two small children at home while she goes to work. But I think it's a muli-layered story, including the comments left on the news website in regards to it.

Let's start with the headline. As one of the comments pointed out, "If she waited tables at Denneys would they have lead with 'Mom worked at Denneys, left 2 kids home?' Probably wouldn't have mentioned, in the headline, that she was a server. Gotta sell those papers, I guess."

Yes, strippers sell newspapers while grocery baggers and waitresses and receptionists do not. Sex sells! And it condemns.

Obviously, when she left her children that evening, she wasn't panicked about making rent and the car payment if she didn't get to work. No, she was thinking about how much she craved that male attention and how she wanted to prance around wearing nothing but glitter gel. That dirty slut!

It's amazing how people can read minds like that. Because I would've thought she might be a stripper because it makes the most possible money, and she had kids to support. I'll get to what I think about THAT another day.

It will take a long time to peel away the layers of this story. I'm just on the headline, folks.
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