Some Parasites Suckling at the Taxpayer's Teat Cleared My Street at 2 a.m. What Assholes.
Some guy stealing well-deserved wealth from our industry leaders cleared up our streets after the ice storm last night. Did you hear the sucking sound coming from your wallet? Oh, that's right, you were sleeping. You earned that sleep by working hard. Unlike that dumb slob who was out there in the cold in his snowplow making sure the streets were drivable in the morning so you didn't wrap your Lexus around a light pole. He's a leech.

How does he sleep at night, knowing he's stealing money from hard-working taxpayers? When there's not a snow or ice storm, I mean. Because he's not sleeping then. He's out collecting more money than he deserves. From the taxpayers.

You know who would do it better, cheaper, and more efficiently? A private company. I mean, I have no direct proof of that. But I'm guessing it must be true, because every time a private company has taken over for a public service provider, it's worked out really well. What, you're concerned a private company might cut a few corners to increase profits? Well, they should. If you want quality service, you'll have to pay for it.

If you can't afford high-quality service providers, you deserve to die in an ice storm. It's a simple as that. If you insist on being poor and lazy, you deal with the consequences. That's your personal choice.

What's ruining this country is people thinking they deserve as much as their betters. I think it all started when we spoiled people with a public sewage system. Once the poor stopped emptying their own (and rich people's) piss buckets, they got all sorts of crazy ideas.

I long for the good old days, when a good cholera outbreak could wipe society clean every now and again.
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