I Was Going to Get to Sleep on Time Tonight, Really I Was
devil_may_cry_3_liberace I did go to bed on time, and I was dozing off when Uberdilf left the Uberboudoir and woke me up.

When I didn't hear him go to the bathroom, I went to find him. Sometimes, Uberdilf sleepwalks, and I have to get him back into bed.

But he wasn't sleeping. He was in the living room with his laptop, because work was bothering him. He was also looking at SOMEONE'S RESUME. I'm sure SOMEONE will be hearing from Uberdilf soon, with some helpful hints. Anyway. We were both awake at this point.

When we headed back to bed, we decided to flip on the TV to see if it would help us sleep. It did not. The Gay Pride Parade was on our local ABC afffiliate, which I thought strange since there is not much about the parade that can be viewed without pixillation. There were an awful lot of men dressed as women, which got me thinking.

Gay men quite often dress as women; the more feminine, the better. But women don't dress as gay men. Why not? So I decided to dress as Liberace on Halloween. And then, I decided to empty this idea out onto my blog so it wouldn't be cluttering up my mind, preventing me from sleeping. Not that Gay Pride or Halloween costumes keep me up at night.
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