ReRun of Story: Encore Performance of My Favorite Party Band
I ran this story last month. The show is next Saturday, so I thought I'd post it again:

I am one happy Ubermilf today. I found out that my favorite party band of all time is getting together AGAIN!

Oooh. Pretty

Yes, Los Borrachos (in English, The Drunks) will be playing at Martyr's on Lincoln Avenue on Saturday, June 18.

For those of you in the Chicago area, you must attend. For those of you outside of the Chicago area, hop on an airplane. Here is a description:

"You haven't lived until you've heard these guys do their salsa version of Van Halen's "Panama" or the Rolling Stones' "Paint it Black" as a tango. There was talk of including their version of Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot" as a hidden track on that band's next album, but that fell through with Brian Leisegang's departure. The band is a who's who of at least one segment of the Chicago music scene, featuring members of Dovetail Joint, EXO, the now-defunct Cassius Clay and Liquid Soul."

Plus, you stand a good chance of seeing Ubermilf quite tipsy.
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