(Incoherent Screaming)

This bastard was seen in the home of my good friends, B.A. and The Queen of the Harpies. Now, when I went to clean my downstairs guest bathroom, he was attached to the backside of the towel and almost made me wet my silky Uberdrawers.

B.A., did or did not Queen of the Harpies instruct you to kill this foul beast? But noooo, you had to succumb to some leftover hippie-shit leanings and spare its life. "Oooh," you said to yourself, "I cannot disrupt Mother Nature's plans for this gentle creature. I shall spare its life, and throw in into the garden. Live, my little arachnid friend, live!"

Well, guess what, asshole! He found his way south and west and wound up on my guest towel! Then, he found himself smeared on the business end of my flip flop! He was scary, too... he had a skeletal system and everything.

Rest easy, citizens of Earth! The murderous fiend has been extinguished.

No thanks to B.A.
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