Lifetime Movie Network: Insulting to Both Sexes

Is this picture flattering to the American male?

According to Lifetime Movie Network, men are divided into two camps: dangerous sex-crazed villains, and men who would be dangerous sex-crazed villains if only they weren't too fat and lazy. Oh, and the lazy ones spend most of their time scoffing at the truths they refuse to face because they are fat and lazy.

Women are either helpless, stupid victims or raging vengeance-crazed vigilantes.

I love searching through the titles of these movies, like "Tall, Dark and Deadly." "Terror" can be found in several places, notably "the Family," "the Mall," "the Night," and "the Shadows."

My favorite so far is called "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?", a 1996 film starring Tori Spelling. Here's the synopsis:

"A naive female college student falls in love with a charming pathological liar, credit card scammer and murderer. When her mother attempts to break up the relationship, the psycho boyfriend abducts the daughter and hides her in his cabin in the woods."

That baby has EVERYTHING.
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