One of My Secret Desires
I have been prohibited from posting disgusting, vile, nauseating or disturbing images for one week.

So, I shall instead reveal to you one of my unfulfilled desires: I always wanted to be a belly dancer.

Somehow, I've never made the time or effort to research belly dance classes, unfortunately. I hope to change that soon. I began today as all of us with internet access begin -- I Googled "belly dancing."

One interesting tidbit I discovered on Google was a musical genius known as George Abdo and the Flames of Araby, who reportedly "...helped create the genre of belly dance music here in America as we know it today." Sadly, Mr. Abdo passed away in 2002. I will not let that stop me.

In fact, I am now fiercely determined to become the best belly dancer possible. And when I win an award for my awesome belly dancing, I will clutch the statuette (I wonder what is will look like?) and announce, tearfully, "I did it for you, George!"

I know he will be looking down and smiling on me on that day. Until then, I have to find a belly dancing class in the western suburbs of Chicago.
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