Crap I Don't Need, but Dammit I Want
I have no right to sniff self-righteously at anyone's conspicuous consumption. My Betty Crocker catalog came today -- the Christmas edition.

I have no business buying anything new for Christmas. I'm not hosting the party this year, and I'm already well-stocked even if I were.

But these are new!

And the catalog says I should be the FIRST to make 3-dimensional Christmas cookies! I can't disobey the catalog, can I? Plus, it says my kids will love them. What kind of mother would I be to deny my children joy?

Further, it says I can use these cookies for place holders, ornaments and more! AND MORE! That settles it. I must have them. C'mon, people -- the reindeer actually stands up! On his own little legs! Althoug, the snowman looks a little perverted...
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Now, who wants cupcakes?

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