Hey, SBC! I've got a present for you!
I Should Be Writing about My Wonderful Halloween. But SBC Ruined It.

Okay, that's an exaggeration. But they did impact my ability to blog about it. I have been without service since Thursday.

On Friday, SBC sent Senor Ding Dong to fix my connection.

While he was certainly charming and handsome ("I give you my word as a Spaniard, your DSL will be working this time tomorrow"... he didn't say that. Well, he did promise my DSL would be working in 24 hours) he couldn't get his satanic employers to help me.

Instead, I spent three more days with sporadic DSL service. The only reason it's working now is DILF ordered a business DSL upgrade (did I tell you he got a new job? He'll be working from home after this week. You'll have to ask him for details ... blah blah blah "Integration" blah blah "Workflow solutions" blah blah). SBC claims it is unable to install it; they will soon be feeling the wrath of DILF. Anyway, they switched our service back to its previous level and the problem cleared up. After I spent my Halloween waiting for an SBC representative who never showed up.

SBC, you are Syphallitic Bunch of Cocksuckers. I am sending Todd to hit your smug monopolistic faces in with a shovel.
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