As I Create Order from Chaos...
I turned my coat closet into a pantry today. Which means I must now find a place for my coats...

But I digress. In the course of transferring my boxes, bags, and canned goods from their various cabinets into one centralized, orderly location, the following things came to mind:

Why do I have 6 cans of black olives?

How old is this box of wild rice? Does it go bad?

Have I ever made polenta? Will I ever? Does Polenta go bad?(this "will it go bad" is a recurring theme -- simply add it to the end of every comment)

"Riceland, Riceland Uber Alles..."

Nobody's going to eat this. I'm throwing it away (repeat untold times)

Thank God it's garbage night!

How will I recycle all of this?

I had a bar of semi-sweet Ghiradelli chocolate all this time??!!

I hate healthy soup. I want salt, dammit


So you see, I've had a productive day. I have bags upon bags of donatable clothes from all of us, crib sheets and receiving blankets and things for babies we no longer use (being fresh out of babies and all), and canned goods we'll never use. Like these. Anyway, I'm just taking a break, so... back to the grindstone...
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