A Heartwarming Christmas Tale
Many baby experts will tell you that one sign of potty-training readiness is the ability of the child to carry on a conversation.

UberElder, however, was a talker long before she was ready for the potty.

UberElder was two years old when I was pregnant with her little sister. By Christmas time, I was entering the third trimester and I was tiring easier. Many nights, I would put UberE in the bathtub in the Master bedroom, leave the door open so I could watch her, and lay down on my bed.

I listened while UberE happily splashed and played, until I heard her proudly announce, "Mommy! Come look! I made an ORNAMENT!"

So I waddled into the bathroom to find she had pooped in the bathtub, in a bumpy, conical form that resembled a pine cone.

While any parent will tell you this is a less than ideal circumstance -- you have to remove the poopy, scrub the tub with bleach, and re-bathe your child as quickly as possible -- at least I did so "laughing all the way."
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