Oh, the Hypocrisy!
Well, lookie here, lookie here -- someone's de-emphasizing the religious aspects of Christmas, and that someone is... THE EVANGELICAL CHURCHES!

That's right, folks, a number of "mega-churches" (I get goosebumps typing that) are cancelling their Christmas services.

"It's more than being family-friendly. It's being lifestyle-friendly for people who are just very, very busy," said Cally Wilkinson, a spokeswoman for Willow Creek Community Church, the biggest in the Chicago area. See, they're not de-emphasizing baby Jesus, they've just got better things to do than visit him on his birthday!

I think I'll take a page from the Evangelical's book and protest loudly outside their stadium-seating arena.

That's an actual photo of the inside of this "church." In my opinion, it's un-American for that many people to agree on religion. Then again, maybe I just don't know the proper way to "market" it.
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