The Horror! The Horror!

I couldn't bear to watch the State of the Union Address, so I decided to watch a horror flick instead -- this one.

I know I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

In fact, I had a series of recurring nightmares when I was in high school. I was always running from some evil force that had mind control powers, but that hadn't yet captured me. I was hiding in a large, antiquated stone building with a courtyard, like a university or a church or an old courthouse or something.

In the last nightmare of its kind that I had, I was escaping (so I thought) up the back stairs of this old stone building when someone blocked my way, and pointed ominously and wordlessly at me, betraying my location to the thought police. That someone was Karl Rove.

Well, it was either Karl Rove or Mr. Weatherbee from the Archie Comics.

Either way, it scared the snot out of me then and scares the snot out of me still.

Just so I'm not alone in my nightmare tonight, check out this site. It has lots of fun pictures like this one:

Sweet dreams.
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