I'm Barely Tolerated by Society

Another way I'm a freak: I get up on my soapbox with some frequency. If it weren't for blogs, I'd probably be one of those crazies you see sometimes on street corners, wearing homemade sandwich boards decrying all the evils of the world.

Sometimes, I am wrong and wind up stepping down from my soap box, red-faced and apologetic, like Emily Litella on classic Saturday Night Live episodes. So?

I would rather be wrong, but at least open a topic up for discussion, than keep it under wraps out of fear. And anyone who doesn't have the stomach for tackling tough topics might not like me. Sorry, but I'm not always diplomatic.

That's why I cherish people like Flounder, who disagree with me on a regular basis. Although he's a Republican who likes Hootie and the Blowfish, he doesn't curl up into a fetal position with his thumb in his mouth just because we differ. He speaks his piece, too. No matter how wrong he is. (smoochies, Flounder.)

The thing about Flounder and others of his ilk along the broad spectrum of ideas and expression is they can focus on the issue without attacking the person. We don't see that enough anymore. Instead personality has trumped reason, and "spin" has replaced truth.

I think that's why I'm so pissed off over this whole Bush Censure story. Look, either Bush broke the law or he didn't. Let's look at this as if we were discussing shoplifting. If someone shoplifts diapers, they may be viewed more sympathetically and receive a lighter reprimand than someone who shoplifts diamond earrings, but he/she still shoplifted. Likewise, if Bush broke the law, he should be called to task somehow. If not, he should be exonerated.

Republicans and Democrats alike should be considering the FACTS, not wringing their namby-pamby hands with limp wrists like the Democrats, nor staunchly supporting Bush in whatever he does, like the Republicans. Who cares about "political fallout?" How about doing the right thing, just because it's right, for once in your pathetically self-serving lives? I just want to take a fire hose and clear out everyone in the federal government right now.
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