Where's Cowboy Nick?

Our intrepid traveler is at it again. He sure does enjoy being in the saddle! He sent us some clues to help us find him:

Archaeologists are still working on site, their findings stored in crude open sheds dotted around the park. Tall pyramids, elaborate ball courts, memorial plaques, ceremonial staircases made of hieroglyphics, skull pyramids etc. are all being arranged in "suitable order" by modern archaeologists.

Some of the taller pyramids look like small hills, hibernating under trees and shrubs grown tall over the centuries. Resurrection of these giants is not easy or inexpensive.

A shady avenue of trees leads to the "Great Plaza". This contains a number of stele, alter stones, pyramids and temples.

This place is famous for its unique hieroglyphic staircase and a beautifully restored ball court. One of the kings recorded the official history of his ancestors on 63 steps of a tall pyramid, which he constructed around 743 AD. Several feet wide and rising far above the trees, the staircase is a mysterious 3-D jigsaw puzzle whose "before" picture has been lost.

Historians and archaeologists are working hard to reconstruct the stairs to put these several thousand glyphs back together.

Confound it, Cowboy, where in tarnation are you?
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