I Want to Stick It to the Man

I want to stick it to the man, but I'm having a hard time developing a comprehensive list of just who and what "the man" encompasses. Also, depending upon which "man" to whom I am sticking "it," the "it" should vary in order to maximize its effectiveness.

For instance, I know oil companies are "the man," and I know oil companies like money. I can withold my money from them, but only temporarily. I need to work on that one.

I know utilities are "the man," but I can only "stick it" to them temporarily, as well, without "sticking it" to myself.

Sometimes "the man" is a woman, as in the pressure to wear ugly clothes and get unnaturally skinny. This is the easiest "man" to "stick," since being healthy and bucking trends isn't too difficult. I guess I can further "stick it" to this "man" by screaming "EAT SOMETHING" at anorexic fashion victims on the street.

Some other "the mans" I have identified include chemical companies, militant lesbian teachers who think all men and their works are evil, certain Evangelicals, certain atheists, and my park district board. Also, the stringent return policies at many department stores, banks and mortgage companies, credit reporting agencies, and the meat departments at most grocery stores who will no longer grind the piece of meat of the customer's choosing. Also, restaurants who decree "no baked potatoes before 5 p.m."

I know there are more "men" out there who need a good "sticking to." I have lots of planning ahead of me. Sadly, it is easier to find "the man" than it is to properly "stick it" to him.
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