Our Last Available Weekend Slot Has Been Filled: Irish Fest at Gaelic Park

Just in case anyone besides Carl Spackler is interested, all three days of our weekend are filled with events.

Tomorrow we go to Irish Fest all day and possibly all night. (I would ask Sysm and Family to join us, but he's rebelling against his Irish heritage, which I find hysterical because rebelling against your Irishness is about as Irish as you can get. Oh, the irony!)

Sunday, Dilf's grandma's 90th birthday at the pants-popping Buca di Beppo, where afterwards we will hand off the ÜberGirlies to my parents while we attend Miss Amanda's wedding in the city. The reception is on a boat; Über overboard! We are getting a hotel room. (Ooh La La!)

Monday, we return to the western 'burbs for my dad's birthday barbecue, and to pick up our girlies.

I may become an alcoholic this weekend. How typically Irish of me!
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