Don't Wear Wednesday: Co-Ed Naked IdiotWear
There are countless versions of the "Co-Ed Naked..." themed T-shirts available. I would hazard to guess that one exists for every sport and every occupation and every pasttime in the U.S. of A.

They all contain some sort of tiresome sexual innuendo.

Neither buy nor wear such a garment, unless you are attending a costume party dressed as an asshole.

Does anyone really think that members of the opposite sex will find them attractive and/or witty for donning such clothing? Perhaps. I guess if people will buy a Budweiser toilet seat, anything is possible. Actually, a Budweiser toilet seat sounds kind of fun...

The most ridiculous example of a "Co-Ed Naked" T-shirt was this one:

I suspect Dilf likes it, but is afraid to admit it to me.
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