I Was Already Mildly Rankled...

when this on B.A.'s site pushed me over into a full-fledged mouth-foaming rage.

I just came home from Target. When ÜberYounger and I entered the store, it was springtime -- sunny, 72 degrees, beautiful.

Somehow, although it seemed but 40 minutes or so had passed, we emerged into a frightening Halloween-like world full of biting sleet, dark gray skies and what the man on the radio said was now 59 degrees in temperature.

We dodged wind-blown garbage cans and idiotic drivers to arrive safely at home (and close all of the open windows). Then, I sat down to read this:

The 31-year-old Van Horne Street mom said her sons attacked her about 11 a.m. because she refused to give them cash to buy expensive clothes, Martinez said.

"They didn't even say 'Happy Mother's Day' that morning," she said sadly.

"We were sitting there watching TV and they started asking me for $100 sneakers, jeans," she said inside her apartment yesterday. "When I said no, they started cursing me, telling me they hated me. Then they 'mushed' me into that wall."

The boys then punched and kicked her, chasing her and continuing the attack even after she fled into the hallway, she said. The beating stopped when a concerned neighbor called police and the boys fled.

Understandably, when police offered to release the boys to her custody, she refused to take them because she has a five year old at home.

But here's what pissed me off the most:

The teens are now staying with their father's sister
(the father of all three boys is in prison for aggravated assault for beating her, as well as drug charges), who said she hopes to take custody of them.

"They didn't punch her, they just pushed her," the aunt said. "She didn't give them anything. They didn't have their own TV, nice clothes."

There you have it. If you don't buy your kids enough stuff, you deserve to be beaten.
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