Help Find Cowboy Nick! He's Lost!

That varmint is in a heap of trouble. He took a right turn in Spain and wound up someplace mysterious! Here's what he tells me about where he is:

"I'm in Africa, but this is not the place to go for safaris! It does have some strange land -- all dreamy-like. It sure ain't Kansas! I saw me some right purty artsy fartsy stuff, too. And they do have some sorta big city-type place here.

I also took a look-see at some of them there Mos-ques. They were made outta mud, and all lookin' like a buncha castles or sumthin'! Then, I saw some villages carved right into some big tall cliffs -- and dagnabbit if they weren't pink! That sure was something to see.

Then, I went out into the desert for awhiles. Those dunes were going up and down, up and down like waves in the ocean. It looked like it came right outta that there 'Lawrence of Arabia' picture show! Wait, I'm not in Arabia, am I? No, I think I would remember somethin' like that there."

Can anyone help find Cowboy Nick? I'm sure you'll be rewarded handsomely for his return. By somebody that cares about him.
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If being easily irritated, impatient and rebellious is sexy, then call me MILF -- Übermilf.

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