What Carl Spackler wants, Carl Spackler gets.

Well, he didn't actually ask for a photo of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, but he did request a sports post....

It sucks to be 6'6" and lousy at basketball. I'm as tall as Michael Jordan, people. I stood next to his lifesize replica at a wax museum in Las Vegas. But I have no skills to speak of. I have a decent outside shot, but that just means I'm good at H.O.R.S.E.

But I LOVE watching sports: college basketball, pro football, and college football are my favorites, in that order. Despite the avalanche of hatred they inspire, I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan my entire life. I've also documented, on my regular blog, my love of the University of Louisville football and basketball teams and my ABSOLUTE UNWAVERING HATRED of said teams from the University of Kentucky. I hate the New York Yankees too, as does every good-hearted person.

Everyone, even if they aren't really "sports people", has a team they hate. I'm asking you, Ubermilf readers, to NAME THE TEAM YOU HATE THE MOST. Do this in the comments section. Muttering at your computer screen accomplishes nothing.

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