More Fun with Newspapers: Our Nation's Cultural Divide
In the "Metro Near West" section of Friday's Chicago Tribune, two stories demonstrated how people can live in two different worlds even when they're geographically right next door to one another.

The first story concerns the trial (and, thankfully, later conviction) of a man who abused a 14-year-old girl. Actually, a 14-year-old girl with cerebral palsy... well, I'll let you read the story yourself. I'm not referencing the Tribune article because you might not be able to access it, and I think everyone should know what happened to that girl, and how brave she was in the face of horrors most of us can't even begin to contemplate. Did you read it? Okay.

Now, consider this story (well, you could consider it if the cockroaches at the Tribune would let you without registering with them first.)

It appeared on the front page of the section, while the rape trial story appeared on page five. I hope you have your hankies ready, folks, because this is sad, indeed.

Poor Bret Boyle lost his legal battle to attend Downers Grove North and must attend Downers Grove South, because he lives within Downers Grove South's borders. He wants to go to North because his dad coaches football there.

Horrors! Downers Grove South must be an educational wasteland, populated by gangs who stroll the hallways selling drugs and shanking each other with mechanical pencils, right? No, even Mr. Boyle's mother admits, "Both high schools are excellent athletically and academically." (Note which one she mentioned first.) But somehow the family got Bret's pediatrician and junior high counselor to testify Bret would be "better served emotionally" if he could attend North, the school of his ancestors, and his grandpa testified that sending Bret to South would "tear his family apart," because he would have to decide whether to attend games coached by his son or sporting events in which Bret might participate.

Übie's message to whiny Boyle family: if it's that fucking important to you, move your silly, overindulged asses north of 55th Street and quit wasting the court's time! Or, better yet, teach your son that he doesn't always get what he wants, but he could make the best of what he has. Also, most people grow out of their obsession with high school sports. I highly recommend it. There's a big, wonderful world out there.

Also, a big, terrible world where defenseless 14-year-old girls are victimized. You might want to compare Bret's emotional pain to that young lady's and rethink how serious it really is.
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