What Bugs Me About 9-11-06

Remember this lady? She was a symbol of our can-do spirit during WWII. We were plucky, we rolled up our sleeves, we worked together.

Fast forward to today, and I don't see Rosie anywhere.

We're too busy trying to pin the blame on our perceived enemies. And who are our enemies? If an outsider was to view all of the docudramas produced about the event, he or she could only conclude that it was either George Bush, Bill Clinton, or some combination of both.

Does anyone have any evidence to show that either of these gentlemen were in cahoots with Al Qaeda? Phone calls? Memos? No? Did they provide planes? Manpower? Instruction manuals? No? Then neither one of them were responsible for the attack. Sitting around trying to pin the blame on either Clinton or Bush is an exercise in vanity we can't afford. This is no time for us to smugly point our fingers and say, "See, I was RIGHT about 'that guy.'" Does it really matter anymore? Is that what's most important here, having our opinions validated?

We need to get our heads out of our asses, pronto. Our media seems bent on whipping up our emotions, not informing us. Our politicians seem bent on defeating each other instead of leading us. It suits their purposes to scare us with a bogey-man, not cheer us on to victory. Why are we cowering every few months like my cat during a thunderstorm? Why aren't we finding a solution? Why are our choices either "vulnerable" or "violent"? Why can't we just be capable and responsible and calm? Because those in power don't like it that way.

Let's face it, across the globe people are in power because they craved power. They'll do what it takes to keep it. I'm talking EVERYWHERE, including our country. The rest of us are just trying to raise our families or make the world a little more liveable or exist just one more day. Why are we listening to any of them? Are we getting anywhere? If you put together a bunch of farmers from every country, do you think they'd try to kill and conquer each other, or would they talk about seeds and soil and the best way to grow things? They'd talk about growing things, because that's what they care about.

Pick any profession except politics, and you'll get similar results. But the politicians all care about power and ruling and crap like that. So let's round them up, give them their own little island and a Risk game, and let them kill each other if that's what they want. Then let the rest of us figure out how to manage living together and sharing this planet peacefully.
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