Bad Music Thursday: Moldy Oldie Gary Puckett
Some of my younger, luckier readers likely have no idea who Gary Puckett is. I apologize for destroying your bliss, but that's what Bad Music Thursday is all about.

Here's a vintage video that captures the horror:

I have some very specific complaints about Mr. Puckett. For one, he is creepy. If you listen to the song example I just gave you above, I shouldn't have to explain why.

For two, almost all of his songs sound the same, at least the ones that became top 40 hits. I couldn't find audio or video samples to prove my point, but you can either trust me or look them up yourselves.

Did I already do a Bad Music Thursday on this guy? Am I making any sense? Am I writing in English? Good Lord, the doctor gave me some strong medicines.
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