I've Been a Bad Übermilf and I'm Sorry

Sly and Joan know how I'm feeling.

I've been very guilty in the past at exploiting disagreements for entertainment value. I shouldn't. We're too divided and intolerant in this country. Right now, people are shaking their heads in agreement thinking, "Yes, THEY are," about people who hold an opposing viewpoint. It's not just "them," whoever that might represent to you. We're all guilty.

People used to hold prejudices based on race, creed and nationality. We still do, but we aren't as comfortable admitting it at the office or cocktail parties. Now, we lump together people together by ideology and demonize them. Hate and bigotry is wrong, no matter what the justification or supposed provocation.

I'm not advocating ignoring pathological behavior, or not correcting an erroneous notion. But should it be done in anger? Is that best for our community? For ourselves? We've got to get our lesser impulses under control.
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