Bad Music Thursday: I Thought There Were Dogs in this Video
I thought there were both dogs AND cats in this video, which is why I thought of it to illustrate the domestic unrest currently found in my household. There are no dogs*, but it IS a dog.

Time had blunted just how bad this song and video are. When I started watching it again, the cold, hard realization sank in. This is truly Bad Music.

Please enjoy this week's entry from Miami Sound Machine:

And it has such a positive message for young girls, too. Ladies, go for the gangsta thug. It ALWAYS works out for the best. Even better, date a nice guy with a stable job who can afford to take to dinner and lend you bail money for your boyfriend, no questions asked. Feel free to use him and cheat on him with the thug.

But please see this week's "Don't Wear Wednesday" for tips on what not to wear when you visit him in prison.

*There IS a dog, at the end of the video. Only one. I had to watch all the way to the end to see him. The things I do for my blog.
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