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I just started reading this book. While some things she says are downright bizarre, I am taking away something valuable from it: what I am doing with my life right now takes skill and art, and I should be proud of myself.

It is very difficult to be proud of my job. People sneer about "the oldest profession, with motherhood being the second oldest profession," as if I'm some kind of whore because I don't get paid for the work I do. Of course, this is patently ridiculous; if I worked in an office and paid for child care, wouldn't that child care provider be considered as holding a job? So, if I not only do that, but plan meals, clean the house, do the laundry, manage the finances, cook, shop, teach, provide basic primary health care, feed and care for pets... wow. I am SO not a whore. And actually, isn't being a whore a job, too?

All of this is a rehash of what overly defensive stay-at-home moms have been saying for years and years. My concern is the rapid deterioration of the skills required to run a home and raise children well. Not perfectly. That shiny-granite-countertop-having, straight-A-student-star-athlete-raising, pilates-class-attending bullshit has got to go. I'm concerned about the disappearance of some basic mommy skills.

For instance: cooking. Hamburger Helper is now considered a home-cooked meal and Rice Krispie treats are considered baking; ordering take-out is taking it easy; what is downright laziness? Letting your children starve? My mom used to give us one cooked vegetable and one uncooked (salad, usually) with dinner. How many people do that anymore?

(Please note that I am not insulting the wonderful Rice Krispie treat. In fact, I want to make these really, really badly.)

When it comes to the kids, there isn't enough "punting." Not enough just getting down on the floor and playing with babies. Too much using "manuals" and magazines, not enough trusting inspiration. Not enough "knowing" the children as individuals. How the hell can you discipline your children if you don't know what makes them tick?

I have more to say, but I have to take care of the kids.
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