What the Health is Wrong with Us?
There's been a lot of talking and precious little action surrounding our nation's health care, and lack thereof. Despite the fact that I am a total idiot, I want to talk about it, too.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a business-minded person. Economic theories and such make my eyes glaze over. However, despite my simple-minded approach to the subject, I have been able to stump those who consider themselves smarty-pantses on it.

For instance, I took a debate class my freshman year of high school. Along with us puny, insignificant freshman, there were smug seniors who knew everything. We covered many topics, of course, from solutions to world hunger and the benefits to various political systems to allowing cameras in the courtroom, which sticks in my brain for no particular reason.

Anyways, I wondered aloud why we paid farmers not to grow crops and to dump their milk instead of taking that food and/or those cows and giving them to starving African nations. A sneering senior debate god replied, "It would interfere with their economic systems."

I replied, "Their economic systems can't be working all that well if everyone's impoverished and starving, so what's the big deal about that?" He just rolled his eyes at me, but he didn't respond. And he was supposed to be there to HELP me.

But back to health care. It would seem to me that instead of arguing endlessly about only two choices, we could implement some smaller changes to take some baby steps toward, well, not killing our fellow citizens while we stand around and argue.

Take drug costs, for example. No more advertising to lay people on the TV and whatnot. Drug companies take their ad budgets and put it toward reducing prices for people. What the hell? I can't prescribe medicine for myself and I don't understand what most of them are for, anyways, because once they tell you what the medicine is for they're legally bound to tell you the possible side effects, which often include "anal leakage" so they don't want to mention it. So, no more advertising, money goes to reduced cost for consumers.

Also, return to health care to non-profit status across the board, the way it was prior to the late 1980's. No more paid positions for marketing and all that crap, no more reducing care and services for patients or cutting back on the cleaning staff to increase the board of director's yacht fund. For-profit medicine is a failed experiment, admit it and move on already.

Third, take a long, hard look at the insurance industry. I suspect they're a bunch of crooks, taking money for nothing. Every time I get a bill, it seems they balk at paying for something. Then, it's my job to a.) pay the doctor anyways, 'cause that's the deal, and b.) call, write and fight until they pay what they should've paid in the first place. Because medical procedures are so much fun, people use it as a form of recreation these days. I know there are kinky weirdos out there, but trust me, I didn't want a mammogram, they forced me in there kicking and screaming. Now you need a couple of months to think about whether or not I really "needed" it? What if Dilf's employer took a couple of months to pay you? Motherfuckers.

So there are three things to start with, before taking on some mammoth change like switching to socialized medicine. If it works, you don't even have to worry about it.
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