Professional Wrestling, July Fourth and Downers Grove: That's America
I read this story in one of my two local papers last week, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Tears of joy, to be delivered a blog post on a silver platter. This stuff writes itself, people.

It seems one Lanny Poffo, known as "The Genius" in wrestling circles, grew up in Downers Grove. He will be leading our Independence Day parade this year. And reading a poem from atop a crane. More on that later.

This is him on the cover of WF Magazine:

His brother, Macho Man Randy Savage,

must've been unavailable.

According to the article, "The Genius, who wrestled in the WWE in the 1980's, used to compose and recite a poem before each bout." To quote Mr. Poffo, "I like to do poems about something, and you can't stop me."

Here's the ode the unstoppable Mr. Poffo wrote for our parade, which he will recite from the top of a crane:

Pierce Downer made his pilgrimage
In 1832
He found his grove of destiny
Where mighty oak trees grew

He was a native of Vermont
Then drifted to New York
Moving westward through Chicago
Till the trail made a fork

Then at the age of fifty
Pierce Downer staked his claim
And built the first log cabin
On the land that bears his name

His daughter came to join him
Followed by his wife and son
Together on a dairy farm
Their new life had begun

When the Black Hawk War had ended
Other settlers arrived
They came to sow the fallow soil
And most of them survived

The Potawatomi natives here
Were always treated well
It was a peaceful co-existence
As our history will tell

When Lincoln went to Washington
The Civil War began
Downers Grove was with the Union
And the brotherhood of man

Israel and Avis Blodgett
Owned a blacksmith shop and farm
They led the abolitionists
To keep the slaves from harm

They inspired friends and neighbors
To be vigilant and brave
In the aiding and abetting
And the freeing of the slave

The Blodgetts' home and artifacts
Should always be preserved
To show future generations
How humanity was served

Downers Grovians were active
In the War Between the States
They suffered many casualties
As history relates

Captain Walter Blanchard
Led one hundred nineteen men
As they battled into Ringgold Gap
Ne'er to return again

In the Main Street Cemetery
Our Captain's name is there
Along with certain pioneers
Whose victories we share

In eighteen hundred sixty-three
Pierce Downer passed away
After his wife, Lucy Downer,
Died before him, just a day

Then came the mighty Burlington
The famed CB&Q
It pierced the heart of Downers Grove
But helped our dreams come true

It turned our bedroom village
That fed Chicagoland
Into 50,000 citizens
Pursuing what they'd planned

I studied at Pierce Downer School
And Herrick Junior High
Then took four years at DGN
Before I said "goodbye"

But I remember Downers Grove
As something very good
With lots of friendly faces
In my peaceful neighborhood

There may have been some negatives
Now where shall I begin?
Our winter months get pretty cold
Our Cubbies seldom win

But 60515 or 6
Or sometimes even 7
On a scale from 1 to 10
Our village scores 11

I thank you, Mayor Sandack
And the Village Council, too
Here's to progress and tradition
Downers Grove ... we all love you!
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