A Haunting at Camp Nawakwa
We learned of a troubling development at Camp Nawakwa while we were there. Hemlock Cabin was -- is -- haunted.

That's not Hemlock Cabin, but it could be. I guess. I'm not sure what that video was all about, but when I Googled "Haunted Cabin," it came up.

ÜberElder and a group of friends formed a "Mystery Club" to uncover the untold secrets of Hemlock Cabin. Here's a brief summary of their findings:

  • The light on the screened-in porch turned on and off mysteriously throughout the day and night. (True, but I suspect the camp counselors)
  • The ghost has glowing red eyes.
  • There was blood spattered on the porch and on the screens of Hemlock Cabins (actually, it was a sloppy painting job; many of the cabins, Hemlock included, were painted a rusty red color).
  • His or her initials may or may not have been "B.L.", due to the fact they were carved into a door jamb.
  • Hemlock Cabin is dirty and disgusting inside. (True. I saw it myself.)
  • While all the other cabins are snapped up and rented, Hemlock remains continually vacant. (It's ugly and named after a poison, after all. And dinky. And stinky.)

Now, this club met every night after dinner until we parents dragged them back to our own clean, well-lit, sanitary cottages. But they had lots of fun, and it was the talk of the camp.

On the last night, Camp Nawakwa held a closing campfire at which every family was encouraged to lead a song or perform a skit or tell a joke or something. Taking inspiration from the Mystery Club, I wrote a skit explaining just how Hemlock Cabin became haunted. Dilf and the girls performed it admirably while I narrated. I will share this piece of brilliance with you tomorrow.
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