Haunting at Hemlock Cabin, Continued
Tony turned around to wait for his companion, only to find that an enormous bear, drawn by the enticing garlic sausage aroma of Joey's sandwich, was lumbering menacingly toward Joey's log.

Tony opened his mouth to shout a warning, but he was... tongue-tied. Nothing came out. Instead, the bear came upon Joey with a roar, and sank his fangs into Joey's shoulder.

"Shoot him, Tony!" squawked Joey. "Shoot the bear!"

But Tony hesitated. With Joey gone, the entire bag of loot was his and his alone. That bear had just doubled his take.

"Tony!" screamed Joey, as the bear dragged him away. "Tony!"

"Bye, bye, Joey," replied Tony with a sinister smile, waving patronizingly at his now-limp friend.

Tony continued into the woods, intent on finishing his task. As he dug, he thought about Sally. He could just leave her there and escape with roughly a day's start on her before she realized what happened. But that was still risky, and if she found out he had let her beloved Joey die, she wouldn't rest until she'd had her revenge. No, he had to kill her. He decided to do the dirty deed and return to finish burying later.

Tony snuck back to Hemlock, and shot Sidearm Sally in the back before she knew what hit her.

He then returned to his shovels, only to find a mangled, but very much alive, Joey waiting for him. Tony drew his gun, but Joey drew his first. They both shot, and they both found their mark. They lay dead beside their unspent hidden fortune.

Sally, meanwhile, doesn't know she's dead. In fact, her ghost continues to haunt Hemlock cabin, and every night, she faithfully leaves the light on in the cabin, waiting for her Joey to return to her.
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