Tony Danza Gets Santa's Autograph. But Which One?

Actually, I'm just assuming Tony got Santa's autograph. I'm also assuming it was Santa's autograph, and not St. Nicholas's. What's the difference, you ask? Well, pull up an ice block, and lend an eye!

Consider these facts:

  • Ethnicity: Santa -- Giant Elf; St. Nicholas -- Turkish
  • Clothing: Santa -- Red Suit, white fur trim; St. Nicholas -- Bishop's garb
  • Age: Santa -- Eternal; St. Nicholas -- died December 6, AD 343
  • Location: Santa -- North Pole; St. Nicholas -- Myra, Turkey (on the Mediterranean)
  • Persecuted by: Santa: Burgermeister Meisterburger; St. Nicholas: Roman Emperor Diocletian
  • Good Works: Santa -- brings toys to boys and girls on Christmas Eve; St. Nicholas -- threw sacks of gold through poverty-stricken people's windows so the wouldn't need to sell their daughters into prostitution or indentured servitude
Hmmm... given the age thing, I'm guessing it must be Santa's autograph, not St. Nicholas's. Even Danza wouldn't be dumb enough to get a dead guy's autograph. Would he?
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