Moxie's Mumpish Muzzle Merits Medical Management

After taking her habitual morning constitutional in the backyard, Moxie began frolicking and chewing on branches and toys and whatever else she does in the backyard.

She came inside with swollen cheeks, which I assumed was her trying to smuggle in bits of forbidden debris from the backyard, like pine cones or bark bits or a dead animal or something.

But no. The cheeks were all hers.

Dilf called our conveniently located but mediocre veterinarian, who informed him they had no available appointments, but directed him to an emergency animal hospital if necessary. The problem is, we don't know if it's an emergency.

Dilf is taking her to PetSmart's doctor for a quick evaluation. He's not back yet, so I don't know the verdict.

It's probably just something she ate.
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