Blogging Excellence and Kitty Poop Updates

Fran seems to think I forgot that she gifted me with an excellence in blogging award, clearly after a round of stiff drinks, or perhaps my mom sent her a check in the mail.

Whatever the reason, I humbly accept her award and will now pass it on to some deserving recipients, and some undeserving ones. I will leave it to your discretion to decide which is which. (I haven't included some which have been excellent in the past, but which have since stopped or dramatically reduced production.)

  • For starters, Todd.
  • Also, CTK.
  • And, Darth.
  • Of course, B.A.
  • And Nick, because I don't want to see his pathetic tear-stained face if I don't.
  • And let's not forget Ms. McGee.
  • I'll throw that new (to me, anyways) Kurt guy in. I don't like sports blogs, but he's trying to get back into blogging, so... maybe Egan will read his stuff.
  • I miss this guy terribly. But I know when to give up...
  • Also, my fez-wearing simian friend. Even, or even especially, when we disagree.

Also, it appears that Miss Muffin may have been unfairly maligned in the previous post. When Dilf went into the laundry room yesterday, he noticed he had put the litter box lid on backwards so that the door faced the wall rather than out into the room. Kitty had no entrance into her litter box while we were gone, and did what she had to do, I guess.
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