Well, Maybe That's YOUR Perception...

People have been known to generalize Schrodinger's superposition principle of quantum physics, applying a blanket "perception is reality" approach to life.

I beg to differ with this view. As proof that perception is NOT reality, I offer the inane conversations of Chicago suburbanites as proof.

For example, I have heard the following things said about our local high school:

"It's a bad school! I'm sending my kids to parochial high school when the time comes."; "They (former residents) had to move away because they had to get their daughter away from the 'bad crowd' she met in high school."

"It's dangerous!" "Drug crazed!" "Gang-infested!"

The truth about our high school is much less sensational and infinitely more positive. Out of 590 public high schools in Illinois, Downers Grove South is rated 43. That translates to a spot in the top 10 percent in the state. Horrors! Keep my children AWAY from that place!

The "bad crowd" feared by the parents came from less wealthy suburbs, and were referred to as "darkies." Their paranoia about this new influx of students caused them to move to a high school rated far lower than Downers Grove South -- at 152, specifically. Plus, the drunken disorderly ruckus raised by their daughter didn't involve these new acquaintences in the first place.

Speaking of race, a far more racially-mixed school in the Chicago Area, Oak Park River Forest High School, is rated 19 (for those of you keeping score, that makes it in the top 3 percent of all Illinois high schools.) However, when I lived in Oak Park, people would whisper about the "decline" of their high school, the gang infestation, the violence...

Maybe it's high schools that cloud people's judgment. When I lived in Wheaton, one of my sister's friends warned that our high school at the time, Wheaton Warrenville South (rated 38), got "dicey" because of the "kids from Warrenville." Yes, Warrenville, that cesspool of danger and criminal activity. Stay out of The Satisfied Frog if you value your life!

It's beyond that, though. When my sister met with her former high school buddies to reminisce, one of them explained where she lived. Since it was near the border of Downers Grove and Westmont, my sister asked, "Is that Westmont or Downers Grove?"

The lady sneered, "Downers Grove! Do you know anyone who would live in Westmont?"

Actually, I do. I know several. And they're quite happy there, with its cute little downtown that keeps getting better, and their beautiful, spacious homes. And their disposable income, because they didn't overpay for the exact same house located 1.5 miles west.

You can see why I have hard time trusting other people's perceptions. After all, have you taken a good look at Top 40 music? Popular television? Chain restaurants?

I rest my case.
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