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I had invited Todd to see the Borrachos show with us on Friday, but I'm relieved he didn't come. He would've wound up in Cook County Jail after rushing the Martyr's stage with a shovel, shouting "Die, greasy hipsters! Die!" at the "headline" band.

And I doubt anyone would've stopped him.

Exhibit A.:

A photo of the band.

Exhibit B.:

A quote from a news article:

"What we're trying to do in Chicago is bring back the rootsy, bluesy rock 'n' roll scene that used to have people going out to see live music all the time," Dodson said. "Today's bands seem short on charisma and talent, and so we made sure when we put the band together that we'd never be short on either."

So, you came from L.A. to bring "bluesy" music to Chicago??!! Along with the "charisma and talent" everybody else but you lacks? Fuck you, you pretentious, ignorant, "G'n'R-inspired" little pus bag.

Have you seen the movie Ghost World? I have two words for you: Blues. Hammer.

Exhibit C: Other bands seem to hate you.

People don't usually come to Chicago or stay in Chicago to become big-name stars in any artistic endeavor, really. So when someone is a musician or an artist or a actor or something, they're usually doing it out of love while also working a day job that pays the bills.

Thus, the atmosphere tends to be more supportive and cooperative than jealous and competitive. So when you hear fellow musicians referring to your band derisively as "Green Shitburger" and "Green Clitoris" and "Green Vulva," plus you don't show up to listen to the other bands on the bill with you (I know, why waste your time when they aren't as good as you?), I view you with suspicion from the get-go.

Keep applying to those festivals and sending out your press kits. I'm sure all that self-promotion will pay off for you someday in a way genuine musical talent and respect for your fellow musicians never could.

By the way, the opening band from Friday night? My My My? The band none of you or your posse could be bothered to come see?

"My My My is less than a year old, but, in that short time they’ve twice been featured on WXRT’s Local Anesthetic, played a WXRT sponsored show, the Around the Coyote Festival, released an EP entitled, Conjugation Nation; and in June of 2008, they played Mayor Daley's Bike to Work Rally in Daley plaza and the Taste Stage at TASTE OF CHICAGO."

Maybe that's not as impressive as sending a press kit to Ozzfest, but I still came out to see them, even though I had no idea who they were and had never heard of them before. I just showed up early to show some support. You might want to try it sometime.
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