Didja See What I Saw? Didja?
This weekend, Dilf, Sysm, Sysmistress and I all went to the closest iMax to see The Dark Knight. (I know, it's been out for weeks and weeks. I have to go when I have someone to watch the Übergirls; I'm not like you footloose and fancy free people who can waltz out to the movies whenever you freakin' feel like it. Shut it.)

In all the rave reviews and inevitable backlash to the rave reviews appearing in publications and blogs from all over the globe, you can read about Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker. But no one seems to remark on what I consider his greatest scene as Joker:

The nurse scene. Specifically, as he's walking away from the hospital. I think it's brilliant because the character maintains his comic demeanor and gait despite the fact he has no audience. (In the movie, I mean. Of course, there's a REAL audience, watching the movie.) That demonstrates the Joker's insanity to me, that he keeps up his act, even when nobody's watching. He's not just doing it for effect.

Also, his entire stint as the nurse reminded me of Amy Sedaris in Strangers With Candy:

Anyways, I enjoyed the movie very much. Some people didn't. Perhaps those people should picture Amy Sedaris next time, and see if it improves their enjoyment.
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