I Want to Be a Burlesque Dancer and It's All Miss Kendra's Fault

To celebrate Nick's birthday on Saturday, Miss Kendra flew in from Los Angeles to join us for dinner and to perform a show in the city. Dilf, Nick and I attended. Now, I am determined to become a burlesque dancer.

A burlesque dancer is not a skanky whore stripper, demonstrating nothing more than the fact that she does, in fact, possess a vagina. See the lady in the picture? She was one of the dancers in the show. She performed a routine to "The Pink Panther." She was no Miss Kendra, of course, but she was still entertaining.

No, burlesque is so much more than mere titillation. It is comedy. It is mystery. It is shiny and shimmery. I must glue sequins to my shoes and feathers to my bra and start dancing immediately. The theater calls to me.

I am thinking either Cupcakes Royale or Cupcakes Galore for my stage name. Or, I could pick Penny Dreadful and perform only spooky routines. The possibilities are endless.
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Now, who wants cupcakes?

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