But What Do FOX Viewers Think?

We've heard a lot of "Yes We Can!"'s and "Morning in America!"'s and "The Change We Needed!"'s and such. But in case you were wondering what obsessive right wing crackpots think, a marvelous website called "Get Off the Internet" has the answers you seek.

("Get Off the Internet" (GOTI) combs the internet for outrageous comments on websites; it's not limited to politics. See the story below the FOX News reaction to Obama for an example of crazy Eragon-themed fan fiction. GOTI is hilarious and terrifying at the same time, like "Nightmare on Elm Street"!)

My personal favorites are the people who say, "The whites who voted for Obama" (why just US? I don't understand...) "should move to Kenya!" Wait a second. When we were unhappy with an election result, we were told to leave the country if we didn't like it. Now that they don't like an election result, I still have to leave the country? Aren't they the ones who have to leave this time?

Maybe they're having a difficult time figuring out where they should move. After all, Europe may be the origin of the white race, but they're awfully liberal in those parts.

Since I'm nothing if not helpful, I found this website they can use to aid them in their quest to find their new country, since they hate this one now. They should be careful; some of those dictators are no longer in power.
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