Thoughts at 3:19 a.m.
Does Moxie always have to "do her doggie business" at 3 a.m., but she just holds it until morning?

What is my neighbor kid doing outside? No, not a little one -- one of those college-age kids that live across from Tim in the house that got new siding this year. What kind of job does he have?

Why are Don and Arlene coming home from somewhere? And what's in the plastic bags?

Is that a possum? It's HUGE!

Why does my ear hurt?

Why can't I sleep?

If I do a mind dump into blogger, will it help?

I've got way too much to do tomorrow to be missing sleep like this.

I have to remember to drop off the clothes for the donation at school. I might as well bring the M&M's too.

Is this because I had a Coke with dinner? But I fell asleep at the normal time. Actually, early. Is this because I fell asleep too EARLY? But I was really just dozing. I mean, I got up at 11:30 to take the Sudaphed 12 hour. Is this because of the Sudaphed 12 hour?

I need to go to the grocery store. I hate the grocery store. I hate all shopping.

Why am I so nervous?
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