See? SEE? This Is An Example of Why I'm Pissed Off at Corporate America

Has anyone had experience with Best Buy as an average retail consumer within the last 10 years or so? Don't they have pretty tight security... for you? Have a pretty rigid return policy? Check your credit for major purchases and such?

Well, they don't do such a good job managing risk in other areas, it seems.

You mean to tell me this scheme went on for years based on the say-so of one schmuck employee from the Twin Cities? And nobody noticed? Or, if they did, they thought everything was okay because Bobby Paul said it was? What the...

This is the kind of bullshit that enrages me, and hopefully millions of people like me.

Is there anyone with a brain running anything anymore? They can't do math properly, and they want the average joe to pick up the tab?

If one more conservative asshole tries to tell me that rich people need a break because rich people can create jobs, or that rich people deserve their fantastically-overblown salaries because they are "top talent," I may need to fire up a chain saw or something.

And some people have the time to sit around and speculate whether or not Dolly Parton is gay. Dear Dolly Parton: be gay or not be gay, whichever is your preference. Since your gayness or lack thereof is not causing any problems for anyone, live it up, darlin'. I, for one, leave you to your privacy.

But you motherfuckers who have bilked and bilked and amassed and amassed and defrauded and defrauded? Well, I may be verging on violence. I get closer every day.
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