Bad Music Thursday: Shut Your Stupid Mouth, Diana Ross!
You wanna know what's worse than a bad song from the 70's? When someone takes a bad song from the 70's and puts it to a techno beat:

Here's why I hate this song: it's about a stupid woman romanticizing the fact that she's being used for sex by some jackass.

Look, if someone wants to have a one-night stand or get involved in some mutual "sex-only" relationship, that's up to her (or him). But then don't pretend it's something more! If you want something more, don't let Mister "too cheap to spend a few bucks on a hooker" come over and take advantage of you. Or, if you're just looking for a flesh-and-blood alternative to your vibrator and you're using him just as much as he's using you, then be happy with that and don't subject the world to your delusional sappy "love" song.

Either way, shut your stupid mouth Diana Ross!
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